Beran reunion planned in Boskovice and Brno

In the last few months great progress has been made with discovering new branches of the Boskovice Beran family and new relatives.

We’re excited that the first Beran family reunion will be held in a few weeks in Boskovice and Brno, attended by descendants of two early 19th century patriarchs from Boskovice: Philipp Beran (the elder) and Moritz Beran.  We’ll be coming from Britain, France, Hungary, Sweden and Austria. Others, in Israel and the USA, unfortunately cannot come this time.

Both Philipp  and Moritz were born in Boskovice, with fathers called Lazar, so they may have been brothers. This is supported by several records in the marriage registers, which show Moritz was witness at marriages of several of Philip’s children.

We’ll bring you more information later!

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Review of “Wer einmal war” about leading Jewish families of Vienna

Alas, none of the Berans – not even Louis Beran, the most aristocratic – made it into the book  “Wer einmal war” (Who Once Was) by Georg Gaugusch. The first volume, covering surnames beginning with A-K , was published in 2011.

This monumental work of 1696 pages is described in more detail on Gaugusch’s site


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Vienna city directories are available on-line

Addresses of individuals and businesses can be looked up in annual city directories published published 1859-1942: Lehmann’s Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger. See the page describing Vienna.

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Unexpected email leads to marriage record for Árpad Szögyi

One cannot always plan genealogical research. Sometimes the unexpected occurs. When I received an email today informing me of a website which might be useful (thanks Traude Triebel!), I had a look. Through stroke of good fortune, entering the family name “Beran” brought up the marriage record for Árpad Szögyi and Irén Hoffmann, including a link to the actual entry in the marriage register.

The site  provides online lookup to Budapest marriages.

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Add photo of Föreáliskola in Györ graduating class of 1914-1915

The two cousins named Béla Beran, both in the same school year at the Föreáliskola secondary school in Györ, were in the graduating class of 1914-1915. László Szögyi, their first cousin once-removed was one of the teachers.

The photo, shown on the pages of these people, has photos of 32 boys and 13 teachers.

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Boskowitz Berans meeting 5 February

A get-together in London will be held on 5 February of families descended from four different Berans who all came originally from Boskowitz.

We do not know if we are related, but are hopeful, as Beran is an unusual Jewish name and Boskowitz was a relatively small town. At its peak Boskowitz had only 2000 Jewish inhabitants.

Have also added pages for Benjamin Beran, Berta Szögyi née BeranLaszló Szögyi & Felix Szögyi.

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Add search facility on every page

You can now search the site! Just enter the text (for example, a name) in the search box on the top right, then click on the “search” button.

This is another great feature on WordPress. Though not paid to plug WordPress, I think it is a terrific service!

I am working on improving the layout of the site, so please be patient while changes are made. The letters have been moved to the person who wrote them, which makes it easier to see connected letters.

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Red Cross Message from Ervin Reiner

Béla Beran in England wrote many letters to Eastern Europe after the War, seeking news of lost relatives. Luckily he kept these, so I am starting to include these on this site.

I have included a Red Cross message from his closest surviving relative, nephew Ervin Reiner, saying “I am alone home”.

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Alois Beran

I have added information on Alois Beran, father of Bruno Beran whom Bela Beran met in Majorca in 1978 and returned home, saying “he is a relative”.

I am in touch with Max Beran, step-son of Bruno and grandson of his brother Philipp.

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Tourist Leaflet from Boskovice about the Jewish Town

Boskovice is proud of its old Jewish town. I just found a current leaflet about the Jewish town, obviously to encourage tourists to come.

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